2023-01-08: Tabletop

2022-11-14: Pepperoni

2022-10-19: SEATAC

2022-10-16: SEATAC


2022-08-15: Fallen Fruit

2022-08-12: Plums Too Ripe

2022-08-10: Rose

2021-09-20: Starbucks is Starbucks Anywhere

2021-06-17: Morning Roses

2021-06-08: Fast Food

2021-06-07: Garlic, Brussels Sprouts, & Radishes

2021-05-18: Cherry Bowl

2021-05-11: Hospital

2021-05-06: Downtown

2021-05-01: Candles

2021-04-29: Fragrance

2021-04-29: Potted Basil

2021-04-28: (null)

2021-04-27: The Hallway Outside My Office

2021-04-26: Morning Exercise

2021-04-24: Trying Something Semi-Local.

2021-04-22: Thunbergia

2021-04-21: “Viking Pizza?”


2020-10-20: Buttons and String

2020-09-02: Without Journalistic Infection Stephen Crane had arrived in prose, apparently without having read Maupassant or knowing anything of …

2020-08-30: The Sound and the Glory Whoever, in the pursuit of science, seeks after immediate practical utility may rest assured that he …

2020-07-19: No Entrance

2020-07-16: The plums growing on the tree in our yard are popular.

2020-07-15: Sugar on the Stoop


2020-02-13: Thursday the Thirteenth In my book of diaries, I read about the thirteenth of February. There was much about movement and …

2019-12-20: Waiting in Denver

2019-12-20: Denver

2019-10-26: On Re-Reading The Fall of the House of Usher in Preparation for Attending the Ballet There is something about a story like this that begs for interpretation. And running alongside that, …

2019-10-25: Blown Rose

2019-10-09: Ice Cubes

2019-09-20: Indecent

2019-09-17: Mint Tea

2019-09-12: Stairwell

2019-09-08: Birthday Bowl

2019-09-06: Not Pepperoni This Time

2019-09-06: Pisgah

2019-09-05: Blue Cheese, Mangoes, & Diet Coke

2019-09-04: Ambrosia

2019-08-25: This does not make coffee.

2019-08-24: Pepperoni Forever

2019-08-23: Once in a While

2019-08-19: Working

2019-08-19: Do I dare eat a nectarine?

2019-08-18: Sy’s Again

2019-08-16: Sy’s Pizza … sigh.

2019-05-02: Thamyris, the Singer Without Memory where the Muses encountering Thamyris the Thracian stopped him from singing as he came from Oichalia …

2019-04-20: Closed Arena It’s interesting listening to stories in a closed arena while priests stand in the …

2019-02-18: Cacao

2019-02-05: Stand Up “Her hands moved … then made that familiar gesture — the sign that he was supposed to stand …

2019-01-26: Impedimenta And who told you, “It is your function to walk unimpeded”? What I have been telling you is that the …

2019-01-22: The Expense In order to make myself understood, the following will need to be very clear and very detailed, even …

2019-01-20: Very Frivolous Being dreamy, inattentive and bored, I was not aware of the impression I was …

2019-01-18: What Can I Do a.co ““What can I do, Tertius?” said Rosamond, turning her eyes on him again. That little …